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Septic Systems

There are many types of septic systems available. Several factors such as the type of soil, the size of the lot, municipal and provincial by-laws determine the type of installation suitable for your home.

The most common system is a tank and weeper field but there are also a large variety of septic systems such as the Ecoflo, Bionest, Ecobox, Le Roseau and Enviro Septique that are very eco-friendly. Properly installed and maintained, a septic system can last for decades.


Commonly asked questions

Q. Should I be adding a cake of yeast or other bacteria in my septic tank following a cleaning?
A. No. The procedure of selective cleaning during the pumping out process, ensures that the bacteria needed for the proper functioning of your tank will regenerate quickly.

Q. Can a clogged drainage field be repaired by cleaning or by the infusion of enzymes?
A. No. The only remedy for a non-functioning drainage field is replacement. While some contractors continue to advertise enzyme and chemical treatments to revitalize the system, there is no conclusive data to support their effectiveness.

Q. How often should I have my septic tank pumped out?
A. A septic tank should be pumped out every two years by your septic tank contractor for a house that is inhabited year round according to laws applied by the Ministry of the Environment. For a residence that is used on a seasonal basis, the tank must be emptied every 4 years.

Q. Is it all right to flush sanitary napkins down a septic tank?
A. No. These napkins are made of cellulose, a non-biodegradable product (the bacteria in the tank cannot breakdown this type of material). It is recommended to limit the type of paper flushed down the toilet, other than standard toilet paper.

Q. Is it OK to have a garbage disposal in a kitchen that is connected to a septic tank?
A. No. Garbage disposals create many suspended solids which the settling process of a septic tank cannot separate properly, and in turn will clog the drainage field.

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