Inspection, cleaning & unblocking

Camera – Pressure Cleaning – Grease Traps

We offer inspection, cleaning and unblocking services.

Our inspection service is carried out using a camera. This inspection can allow us to locate and verify your leaching field. Verification includes shifting of pipes, identification of blockages and damaged pipes, and the presence of biomass in the pipes.

Our cleaning services include cleaning floor drains and pipes of all kinds, cleaning sanitary and rainwater manholes, cleaning grease traps in restaurants and recycling used cooking oil. We also offer the grease trap cleaning service on an automatic service according to your needs.

Our unblocking services include thawing and cleaning of pipes as well as the cleaning of pipes under pressure.

Our services


  • Camera inspection


  • Cleaning of floor drains and ducts of all kinds
  • Cleaning of sanitary and rainwater manholes
  • Cleaning of grease traps
  • Recycling of used cooking oil


  • Thawing and cleaning of pipes
  • Pressure cleaning

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